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In any place in the Kars4Kids advertisement (in most states), charity informs potential donors how to help their children donate their cars. The website "kars4kids.org/howtohelp", which appears at the end of a TV ad, is equally ambiguous as to how children benefit by simply encouraging people to "take action" for "1.2 million children"; • Leave school without a diploma every year. "As a volunteer" to the teacher, raise funds, defend or conduct an awareness campaign.

When you go to the website address specified in your TV ad, simply scrolling down to a small font that includes a Kars4Kids entry at the bottom of the page, donors will finally learn about the activities that support their donated vehicles: "Your donation will benefit Kars4Kids, national organization dedicated to teaching and material needs. Emotional and spiritual life of Jewish children and their families.

Donors also need to know that although Kars4Kids is nationwide, the vast majority of children who benefit from cars transferred to Kars4Kids live in the northeast, especially in New York and New Jersey. According to the compliance review conducted by the Department of the State of Minnesota (OAS) in 2017, more than 99.9% of the amount of 90 million dollars. The US, collected by Kars4Kids from 2012 to 2014, was directed to charity programs under the guidance or supervision of Kars4Kids. , "Sister of Love", Ora. According to the OAS, the two largest programs of the Oora are summer camps and special programs for helping Jewish children, where camps work in two places in New York.

The Office of the Prosecutor reported that the total number of children receiving assistance from the summer camps of Oura and the registration support programs in 2012-2014, respectively 67% and 65%, came from New York or New Jersey. The CGAP survey also provides a broader geographic distribution by region (north-east, south, middle west and west), indicating that 79% of children who took advantage of summer camps and support programs for registration from Ora lived in the northeast. Less than 10% live in the Midwest and West combined. Besides,

Published on July 16,2018 by Jasper