IBM Cloud Dedicated Servers

IBM is not strange to the cloud service. The company was one of the few companies that competed in infrastructure and platform as service markets over the last decade and a half. Synergy Research Group, a market-oriented analytical group, consistently puts IBM among the top four companies for the IaaS and PaaS group and the private revenue from cloud computing. IBM for Amazon is constantly working.

Synergy says that it is in its "own consortium" in terms of market share and Microsoft, but IBM and Google are similar in volume to the aggregate revenue from public and private withdrawals, says Senergy.

IBM focused on the Cloud strategy, in particular providing a number of cloud-based options for customers, including the main cloud, a set of middleware and cloud-based software, targeting applications such as WebSphere and partnering with companies such as VMware.

IBM also acquired Bluebox, a company that built a private cloud platform, hosted on the OpenStack platform on its own client sites, but run by IBM / Bluebox. According to Pala Rajaraman, an IBM specialist and technical director of Cloud Services, the company has three goals in developing IBM Cloud Private (ICP): helping customers create new applications for container services. Make the middleware components work in containers and Kubernetes, and compile the IBM API (API) products, including the Connect API and the API.

"We do not consider this an alternative to the general cloud," Rajaraman explains. "This is part of the continuity for customers who can choose where they want to place their workload." Some of the hybrid cloud scenarios supported by ICP mentioned: Create a local application using the Kubernetes infrastructure or the Cloud Foundry and move it out of the site or vice versa. ICP also supports the implementation of applications that span environments inside and outside the building, for example, an application for mobile phones that uses background data on the client's site, as well as hosted IBM offerings such as Watson, Blockchain data or meteorological services.

ICP utilities can be run on open metal servers or in VMware environments. ICP uses Terraform to configure some local resources. The ICP program will support several common endpoints in the cloud, but since the system focuses more on the application and data layer than on the infrastructure layer, it is believed that the most common communication with public clouds will be associated with companies such as SaaS such as Salesforce and Workday, said Rajaraman. (IBM and Salesforce announced a partnership earlier this year), rather than some of IBM's public cloud competitors such as AWS, Microsoft or Google.

Published on July 12,2018 by Jasper