Liquid Web Review 2018

Your business has grown to the point that you need a dedicated web host to handle the traffic requirements on your website. But now you have to find the right service. In our review of web hosting services, we found that LiquidWeb is the best web hosting provider.

There are many considerations when choosing dedicated hosting, the price is one of them, especially for small businesses, which can prove costly. Unlike the price, you need to think about customer service, scalability, security, disk space and bandwidth, and the flexibility of the platform. Flexibility allows you to expand your space as your business grows.

You can also think about the trends that affect web hosting in 2018. For example, although cloud computing is not new, cloud hosting will become more visible in 2018. Cloud hosting can be the future of web hosting with fewer companies. You discover that you really need a dedicated server for your web hosting needs.

Cloud technologies have become more secure and advanced, allowing companies to migrate to the cloud for web hosting, security and many other computing needs. Cloud computing also allows companies to have a reliable network instead of a traditional dedicated server. The cloud can give webmasters quick access to all of their data, as well as the flexibility to grow if your company and your site grow in the future. At a time when business owners are demanding a complete solution to their needs for web hosting, the cloud has become an adequate solution for many companies.

The cloud also allows you to run your website from anywhere, allowing you to use remote workers and remote employees. we analyze some of the most important dedicated hosting providers in the industry, including Rackspace, GoDaddy, a dedicated host server, Amazon AWS and 1 and 1 hosting.

We chose Liquid Web as the best dedicated hosting provider for small businesses for several reasons. First, Liquid Web's customer support is one of the best in the industry. The company provides assistance in less than a minute by phone or chat and less than 30 minutes when it provides a ticket to the helpdesk.

However, be prepared to pay for the power and support of Liquid Web. Dedicated servers start at $ 199 per month, offering 4 centers at 3.4 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, 2 x 250 GB SSD, 1 TB and 5 TB of bandwidth. Of course, the liquid network refers to it as "the most useful person in the hosting".

Published on July 13,2018 by Jasper